Supporting our Affiliates

Supporting our Affiliates

When you choose Juthan chocolate, you're choosing more than just exceptional chocolate. You're supporting a community of passionate affiliates dedicated to spreading the joy of our handcrafted bean-to-bar creations.

Our affiliates are the storytellers, the enthusiasts who amplify our voice. They help to bring our chocolate to your doorstep and we in turn would like to help them.

By supporting our affiliates, you're fostering a movement that empowers people like you and me to make a difference.

Below are links to our affiliates. Visit them and select an affiliate code to get additional discount on all purchases made. 


 Cheshire_and_beyond Mood4food UK
10% Discount Code: CANDB 10% Discount Code: mood4food_uk
Abbieeats Mom2twolittlehumansinlondon
10% Discount Code: ABBIEEE 10% Discount Code: SHALINILOHIAMAL

(On the checkout form, simply enter the code of you choice to get the discount applied.


Indulge in our chocolate, knowing that every purchase echoes positive change and supports a network of individuals dedicated to bringing you the best, while making the world a better place.

Join us in this chocolate revolution. Elevate your taste, empower our mission.

🍫 Indulge yourself, you deserve it!

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